Where can I buy Paintec products?

Find your nearest dealer in the google map below. You can click on a reseller and will get the contact info. If you have a store near your home and they do not have it on stock, please, send us the info about it by email to info@paintec.com , and we will contact them to add them as distributors.

Do you need help with some of our products?

Write an email to info@paintec.com and we will reply in less than 24hs

Would you like to distribute our products in your country?

If you have phisycal store or a website and are interested in distribution, please, contact us by email to resellers@paintec.com indicating your Company name, website, complete address, contact name and a phone number. If you use whatsapp, please, tell us your mobile number so we can contact you by writing. It is easier and faster.

Why should you buy Paintec products?

Since 2001

Paintec started on 2001 manufacturing the famous manual spray gun designed for ceramists with the idea of offering a high quality, economical spray gun that does not require electricity to operate and can be used anywhere. Then we added the compressor adapter for those who want to use the same gun as a standard. And the following years we began to manufacture textured rolling pins, veiner stamps and alphabet stamps. Paintec was born as a family business and we continue the same after 22 years. You will always be attended by one of our dealers located in 17 countries or by its owners: Diego, David, Thomas or Esther.

Why Choose


All our products are tested one by one to ensure their quality.

Excellent attention

It will always be attended by one of its owners before 24 hours

US & Global Shipping

We ship products worldwide through DHL for greater security

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